What is paper auction ?


In past, many agents were concerned in recycling. The cost during whole process is very high. And the person who are engaged in collecting and selling waste paper just accepted the price customer suggested. These system make the collecting dealers’ life so hard.


What is paper auction?

The recycling flow of waste paper before is that wholesale dealers decided the price, the Recyclers, just can only follow behind it. But the waste paper auction can make it possible that you can sell the waste paper to paper manufacturers directly. We can reduce an intermediate cost, you can run a business in a more appropriate price. In addition, through the computer network, you can keep in touch with paper manufacturers and wholesale dealerall over the world, you can know the market price all the time, and price jumps is also can be expected. We also got business patent on 2013/4/19 !

Letters patent

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Recycling flow of waste paper
What is paper auction?

because of paper aution
Recyclers…sale waste paper at reasonable price
wholesale dealers…risk hedging when the price is going down
paper makers…successful bid on auction price
All paties involved are in Win-Win relationship

the flow of paper auction