We insist on the system of「return the profits to Recyclers」, to push forward our waste paper recycling , and to save the waste cost, make it become worker's income. It can make more workers to get in to this business, and let waste paper recycling business get better and more healtier. Let protect our green earth and bring people more happyness . We can get start from the recyclers at the beginning.


We have been honored Higashi-Kuninomiya Culture Award, Because our international collaboration and contribution to the society are accepted I would like to express my gratitude to everyone have been supporting to us. I am proud of that and I will do my best in the future too.

The recycling flow of waste paper before is that wholesale dealers decided the price, the Recyclers, just can only follow behind it. But the waste paper auction can make it possible that you can sell the waste paper to paper manufacturers directly. We can reduce an intermediate cost, you can run a business in a more appropriate price. In addition, through the computer network, you can keep in touch with paper manufacturers and wholesale dealerall over the world, you can know the market price all the time, and price jumps is also can be expected.



        Respected Customers,

        I would like to notify you that our head office will be moved to the address
        below as of November 6th, 2017.
        We are excited to continue serving you from this new location.
        Thank you for your attention.


                SHINJUKU-KU TOKYO 169-0074 JAPAN

        New TEL  : 03-6908-6295

        New FAX No : 03-6908-6296

        Relocation Date: old office up until November 2nd and use former number.
                 new office from November 6th and use new TEL no.

        We are very sorry,because the reasons for the move,
        On November 3rd and 4th don't give us a fax.
        Please send after November 5th.

                                     October 18,2017

                           KAIYO JAPAN PAPER AUCTION CO., LTD.

                                     CEO SHIHAI BI

We deal with collecting,recycling and selling waste paper widely. From family, factory to recyclers of waste paper and paper maker are all our customers. If you have any questions, please contact us.